Meet the team

Tutti i nostri insegnanti sono qualificati nell’insegnamento e vantano diversi anni di esperienza, hanno tutti ottenuto la qualifica Cambridge DELTA o CELTA. Molti di loro sono anche esaminatori esperti per le certificazioni Cambridge, IELTS e LanguageCert.
Lo staff al completo segue un percorso di formazione e aggiornamento continuo.

Chi siamo

sophie bennet languages

Sophie Bennett


I consider myself very lucky as I love my work and there is not one day when I am not happy to come to school!

I have a degree in English and Related Literature from the University of York and have continued to enjoy my passion for language since graduating, having first worked in the field of Management and Communication in London, and then teaching English. I am a Cambridge DELTA teacher with 30 years experience teaching, directing and teacher training in Japan, UK and Italy.

Besides managing a wonderful team at Bennett Languages, I have also worked as Academic Coordinator of AISLi (Italian Association of Language Schools) from 2016-2019 and served as President of AISLi from 2020-2021.

I am passionate about professional and personal development – my own and others, and have completed a Leadership in Education course with Loraine Kennedy.

When I am not working I am a keen swimmer and yoga practitioner.


Michael Haddock

Michael Haddock 

Assistant Director

I’ve been teaching English for almost 10 years, with the majority of that time being spent living and teaching in Civitavecchia.

Every day I get to meet a variety of interesting people from different backgrounds and I really enjoy connecting with them and seeing their confidence and skills improve.

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is working with our dynamic teaching team to deliver courses which empower students and push them towards realising their goals.

Bernard Veronesi

Bernard Veronesi

Senior Teacher

Being a participant in a community of over 1.35 billion people is definitely empowering, life-affirming and increasingly indispensable – values undeniably worth enabling in this day and age.

In addition to facilitating English language learning, I enjoy theatrical improvisation, reflecting on Zen koans and listening to lots of good music.

Martina Peris

Young Learners Coordinator

I have been an English teacher at Bennett Languages since 2018. Before this, I spent over eight years in London where I achieved the CELTA at IH London and worked as a senior teaching assistant in schools for young learners across the UK.

I really enjoy teaching children and recently I became the Young Learner coordinator at Bennett Languages. I value the importance of being confident with English from an early age and I love to support my students through the learning of the language stress-free.

Outside teaching my favourite things are playing the piano and singing, making handmade products, photography, nature and spending time with family, especially with a furry white sheepdog called Joy!

Andrea Calvert

Andrea Calvert


Hello! I’ve been teaching English for nine years and have been lucky to have covered a whole variety of teaching within that time. I have also been a Cambridge Speaking Examiner and a volunteer teacher.

I love to travel and sample different cultures and have taught in Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Spain and Italy, and I also studied for a year in Austria. When I’m not busy discovering new places I love doing yoga, walking, running and reading.

As a language learner myself, I understand the frustrations and joys that can come with learning a new language. I believe that we learn best when we feel relaxed and are enjoying ourselves and I aim to make my lessons interesting, personalised, productive and fun. I love getting to know my students and see them develop, as both language learners and people.

Learning a new language is so exciting. Not only does it open the door to so many new countries and opportunities, but with it comes new people, new cultures, and above all new experiences. I look forward to meeting you, in my physical or online classroom, soon!’

Elisa Lauricella

Elisa Lauricella


I’m Elisa, I’ve been teaching English for two years now and I love it!

What I enjoy most about teaching is getting to know the students: the different ways in which they learn, their talents, opinions and aspirations in life. Each one is unique and I find this extremely fascinating!

In my free time, I love reading and learning new things. I also like dancing and listening to Jazz music, running, doing yoga and playing board games.

Daria bennett

Daria Raponi

Front Office Manager

I’m Daria. At High School I studied Hospitality and Tourism, then I completed a Masters Degree in Languages and Foreign Literatures at Università degli Studi della Tuscia, in Viterbo.

I define myself as a very creative person, but I also love organising things in minute detail.

At Bennett Languages I have found the place where these two parts of me can live and work together.

Oh, before I forget, I cannot live without Post-it notes.

giulia colaiacomo bennet

Giulia Colaiacomo

Front Office

I studied accountancy and languages at high school and History and Literature at university.

I have been working in Front Office at Bennett Languages for four years and this job has given me the chance to learn new skills, meet new people and also improve one of my greatest passions, the English language.

I love travelling and getting to know different cultures. The place I loved the most were the fiords in Norway. The city I’d like to visit next is Lisbon.

A little curiosity about me: I love swing music and dance!

In-house training

Il nostro programma di formazione interna comprende:


mensili per sperimentare nuove metodologie e condividere idee su come migliorare l’apprendimento degli studenti.

Forum online

dedicato ai nostri insegnanti dove scambiamo idee e discutiamo giornalmente sui progressi degli studenti

Incontro mensile

con il nostro Assistant Director, durante il quale ogni insegnante ha l’opportunità di aggiornarlo sul percorso di ogni studente.

Progetti di ricerca personali

portati avanti da ogni membro del team, per studiare e sviluppare un’area di particolare interesse. I temi affrontati spaziano da dislessia e differenze di apprendimento al coinvolgimento degli studenti, abilità di lettura e critical thinking, bias cognitivi, storytelling e videotelling, plurilinguismo e multiculturalismo, tecniche di preparazione agli esami, assessment, 21st Century skills e molto altro ancora.

Osservazioni e Feeback

Alla Bennett Languages abbiamo sviluppato un efficace sistema di osservazione delle lezioni per permettere agli insegnanti di auto-valutarsi e di crescere a livello lavorativo, grazie al supporto di tutto il team. Usiamo la Council of Europe Self-Assessment Grid come strumento di autovalutazione personale, ed una gamma di metodi di osservazione che consentono di produrre risultati positivi ed efficaci sia per gli insegnanti che per gli studenti. Condividiamo e riflettiamo sui risultati delle osservazioni con tutto il team e consideriamo i feedback agli studenti e agli insegnanti stessi come un modo per guardare avanti e concentrarci sui miglioramenti futuri.

Front Office Training

Il nostro Front Office viene coinvolto ed è costantemente informato riguardo le scelte didattiche della scuola. I membri del Front Office spesso osservano le lezioni e partecipano attivamente ai nostri workshop di formazione. Questo permette loro di avere piena conoscenza e consapevolezza riguardo le lezioni e la didattica, in modo da offrire una consulenza esperta e delle informazioni chiare, trasparenti ed efficaci a tutti gli studenti attuali e a studenti futuri.

Alla Bennett Languages implementiamo costantemente i nostri canali di comunicazione interna ed esterna, per assicurare un servizio veloce ed efficiente, che si occupi degli interessi dello studente nel migliore dei modi.

Il nostro team del Front Office partecipa inoltre alle conferenze e agli incontri annuali di Front Office Training organizzato dai colleghi AISLi su base nazionale.

Front Office

Personale sempre preparato, coinvolto nei processi di apprendimento ed ovviamente con una ottima conoscenza della lingua inglese

Il nostro personale in segreteria è strettamente coinvolto sulla questione dell’insegnamento nella nostra scuola, e per rimanere aggiornato spesso partecipa alle lezioni e ai vari workshop da noi organizzati.

In questo modo comprende a pieno come offrire una consulenza esperta ai nostri studenti. Miglioriamo costantemente i mezzi di comunicazione della scuola per assicurare un servizio veloce ed efficiente volto a salvaguardare al meglio gli interessi dei nostri studenti.