Storytime with a child is bonding. It is a special, magical moment of intimacy when we can listen, share imaginary adventures and experiences, and talk together about the characters and events in the story. 

At Bennett Languages, Storytime is a free storytelling session twice a month that we offer to all our Young Learners and keen readers. It is our way of inspiring children to read and to create the habit of borrowing books from our library and reading them at home, either alone or with their parents or favourite person. 

“We are not only what we eat or the air we breathe. We are the stories we have heard, the fairy tales we have fallen asleep listening to as children, the books we have read, the music we have listened to and the emotions that a picture, a statue, a poem have given us.”  Tiziano Terzani (2004)


The benefits of reading 

Reading helps us to develop empathy and understand each other. It is a way of living experiences vicariously, so it means we are more able to put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes in real life.

Other benefits include: 

Reading increases our vocabulary. A wider lexical range means we can communicate more effectively how we feel. If we have a wider vocabulary we can express the nuances of our emotions. 

Reading develops our imagination and creativity.  

It develops cognitive skills as we have to follow narrative and sequencing and anticipate what is going to happen in a story. 

Reading is mindful and relaxing and a pastime you can do quietly and alone, or together with others. Join us at our next session or come and borrow a book from our Storytime library!