Conversation Time!

Our Conversation Time is designed for busy English speakers and students.

  • Don’t have time to commit to a full course in this period? 
  • Have you completed your course and want to maintain your level of English? 
  • Do you need an opportunity for some practice to keep your fluency? 
  • Do you just want to enjoy an enjoyable conversation guided by a qualified teacher? 

Our weekly Conversation session is an ideal solution with its flexible, light format – each lesson is independent with its own topic and target language. 

By purchasing our Conversation Time Solution you also have the flexibility to choose when you can come. 

Build your confidence 

We encourage our students to experiment with the language, and not worry about perfect grammar or perfect pronunciation, believing that mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process. Our conversation session offers you a safe place in which you can rehearse and build your confidence. 

Improve your interaction skills

Interaction skills are a key part of conversing. Learn how to listen actively and interact.


Learn how to listen actively and discover new strategies for understanding and deciphering sounds and meaning.


Don’t expect to have perfect pronunciation! 

Enjoy yourself!