Bennett Languages Blended learning

Bennett Languages team has integrated an innovative skills-based programme into our language courses.

Why have we done this? To meet the new needs of this generation’s students.

The world has changed and we need to change with it. The current education system is still based on a system more than a hundred years ago. In today’s world, a traditional curriculum is no longer sufficient to stimulate students whose social and global context outside the classroom is vastly different from even ten or twenty years ago. 

In the 21st Century, learning takes place just as much outside the classroom as in, and opportunities for self-learning have increased manifold with digital tools making information accessible everywhere and at anytime! 

To embrace this new reality and to engage our students in their learning process, we have designed a new curriculum:  

Our asynchronous learning projects develop 21st Century Skills together with language skills. Our aim is our students learn not only language but also explore and develop what they can do with the language!

To support this aim we also incorporate activities into our lessons which develop collaboration, effective communication, critical thinking, creativity and other skills. 

Bennett Language Skills Portfolio 

By the end of the academic year, each student will have produced a portfolio of projects which they have created either alone or by collaborating with other students. Each project will have developed the skills they need to communicate and operate successfully in today’s world. For this reason we describe our courses as The Learning Experience.